Tuesday, October 9, 2012

That winter.. I fell in love a Snowman

This began..

Once upon a winter

A stroll in the park
Just me, myself and I

And there it was
The most unexpected moment
At one corner 
Beautiful and white
It was like magic

I called him Mr Snowman =)

We talked
We laughed 
We played
We hold hands

We fell in love

I remember
That winter



What I didn't know
Spring was near

The same stroll to the park
Like a little kid on Christmas morning

Just to find that corner empty

No more Mr Snowman =(

That winter
Was special

That winter 
I fell in love with Mr Snowman <3 

Monday, October 8, 2012

For you


September was hell for both of us.
The fights.
The cold wars.
The misunderstandings.
They tore us apart.
Sucked all the happiness and sweetness out of us.

Yes we held on
But barely able to survive
You said you're afraid
Afraid of sadness
You said you're exhausted
The one word couples dread to hear in relationships

Some people say one can never get exhausted if there is still love
Some people say love can grow stronger after break ups
I chose to believe the better option
Cause you used to tell me to hope for the better
Cause I've seen the most beautiful side of you
Cause I believe..
deep down inside
the boy that cared and made me feel like I'm the world to him
Is still there...
Hiding in one corner
Trying to heal himself~

People may think I'm stupid
You may think I'm stupid
To hold on to something that is hurting me that much....

Going places
Doing stuff
Was all really heartbreaking for me
Stuff we used to do together
Places we discovered together
Just like words coming from you now
Are all like blades to my heart....

Losing you is so much more painful than I ever imagined
Seeing you changed into someone else right in front of my eyes hurts even more

I cried
I screamed
I got drunk
Lived like that for a month
All because I wanted you back....
Cause I love you...

Stuff we talked about before. Smiling
Are now making me cry...

You will never let me walk without holding you hand
You will avoid letting anything or anyone passby between us thinking it will separate us *silly*
You will always hug me when I cry. Letting me know you're there for me
You said you like doing stuff with me. Cause it makes me happy
And remember the garden wedding we wanted? Just like in the movie we saw? 

I remember all those...

I used to listen to sad love songs
See people breaking up
And I used to think
'What will happen, if one day, these things are happening to us?'
You think I'm insecure. You think I don't trust you
But you know what?

I always smile and told myself confidently

'He loves me that much. He won't hurt me that way.'

And I'll throw that thought away and bury myself in your arms

Yes. I hope I can do that again....
I hope I can do that again for the rest of my life...

If you somehow happened to see this one day
Hope you'll feel what I feel right now....
I really want to tell you all these right now
But I lost the courage to do that anymore....

Sorry. I love you <3

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Day was rougher than the rest of the week... =(
Cranky and worn out.. hmm
With a BIT of migraine and some internal conflict.. =X

Timetable was packed
Classes from 8-12 
Critical Thinking paper 12-1
Class again 2-5


As if I'm not stressed out enough by the classes 
Internal conflict?
Trying my best to control myself from thinking negative stuff
Myself or others alike
But sometimes some people just make you feel ERGH!

Got to rest earlier today... night!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Macarons CHECKED!

One item OFF the cravings list!!

This time was Earl Grey and ....something to do with Ferrero 

Spend the WHOLE day with Mr Lovie today...
Class from 8-10 and that's it for the day!
Kept myself in library... Munching books.. lol!

Didn't touch uni food AT ALL! 
Lunch @ Old Town 
Dinner some new chinese restaurant.. not bad though~

P/S: Thanks Mr Lovie! *hearts* =)

P/S: Im getting addicted to writing everyday here.... =X

Critical Thinking paper tmr...  -END-

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cravings with the 'S' !

Today is ALLL about Cravings!
And I guess that's going to move on till tmr... =S

Note the cravingSSSS!
When am I going to start controlling myself??
Your legs are getting fat gurl! ><

Anyway back to the cravings.. lol

*faint* the colours are sooo pretty!


and THIS!

Yup still craving for MACARONS!

oh and a bit of THIS!... =X
anyone tried this before? 

See how desperate I am????
I need a FOOD TRIP people! 
Anyone signing in? Pleeeeeease~~

Monday, April 16, 2012

First Day

First day went well! 
Other than the weird Moral Assignment forcing us to write on EXPERIENCE OF DISCRIMINATION 
What if I don't have one! =S
Studies. Play. Eat.
Everything went well..... 
Just simple and AWESOME! 

I was sooooo in the mood to study
Nothing beats absorbing EVERYTHING you feed your brain
*pat pat* good job Brain! lol!

Don't ask why I'm so high today
I think it's the chicken essence I took this morning
Not use to drinking that though.. Stinks.. =X
Heard that it's suppose to keep you alert or awake or something...

Besides studies
I ATE... a lot 
Tong Pak Fu TWICE
*dessert shop btw.. if you're wondering*
There's one in Penang too. 

And Korean Food! yum~

And and 
I got to know some of his friends through dinner!
Nice people! Cute and amusing! lol

That's it! The End!